Converting image to vector

Getting a flatten file for your logo? No worries, just give me a sample of the logo, no matter if it comes from a printed material. Just give me a few days and I shall give it back to you in a vector file. Artwork will be given to you via e-mail. If the artwork is too big to handle, cd-rom will be provided.

What is a vector file?

Vector file is format where your logo can be edited, enlarge without it being pixelated. It is saved as .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) or .ai (Adobe Illustrator). By having this format, you don’t have to worry about printers, colour separators and even client of yours in opening the file. As it is a universal format.


About Irwan Ismail

A Creative Director who has been conseptualising & designing printed collaterals since 1998. With 13 years of experience, he provide companies assistance with projects that involve marketing collateral development (below-the-line advertising such as advertisement, brochures, calendar, flaglines, buntings, banners, posters, packaging and to name a few). As mentioned, he has the skills in standard graphic design applications and desktop publishing softwares (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Bridge, Art Rage and QuarkXpress). To add, the ability to perform those skills in PC or Mac operating system platforms. He has been working in the advertising industry for 6 years and 4 years in publishing. Previously he was with The New Straits Times as the assistant chief artist. Contributing design layout for the newspaper. Currently, he is attached with an online newspaper called The Malaysian Insider.

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